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Motorized Convenience

Motorized power that elevates your everyday

  • 1/2" Double Cell Cellular Shades with Motorized Lift: Halo, Atlantic Blue 1566
  • 2" Sheer Shade with Motorized Lift: Grafton, Mint 5116

Bali Motorized Shades make every day a little easier. Just imagine…

  • Lowering shades in the living room while making dinner in the kitchen
  • Adjusting all the window treatments in your home office with a touch of one button
  • Making the nursery dark and quiet before you take your toddler in for naptime

These are just a few examples of how motorized shades can elevate daily life. And let’s face it, all those small, everyday activities really do add up to make a difference!

We offer motorized control for every Bali Shade—cellular to tailored Roman. Blinds aren’t currently available with motorized lift or tilt.

With remote control of your motorized shades, you can operate a single window treatment, a room, or even a home. Plus, our shades integrate with many popular smart home apps for a fully integrated smart home experience.

By integrating your shades with your smart home system, you can set daily routines that automate your shade operation, create groups of shades you want to raise and lower together, and operate your shades for security while you’re away from home.

Along with being incredibly convenient, Bali Motorized Shades are certified Best for Kids™ by an independent lab, which means they’re one of the safest options for homes with kids and pets.

Whether you want to operate one heavy or hard-to-reach shade or integrate your motorized shades as part of a broader smart home strategy, Bali Motorized Shades offer easy solutions to elevate your everyday.